Australian Made Cushions.


We have been making and selling cushions for well over 20 years and within that time we have developed different styles of cushions, as well as changed many of our fabrics. Over the years our business has continued to grow, mainly because we pride ourselves on producing quality cushions at affordable prices, as well as helping customers with their selection.

We now have our own website that displays many of the cushions that you would see at one of the markets we do, as well as a good range of other fabrics and colours. We do also offer a unique service where customers can find their own fabric that we can purchase for them and then make their cushions, or we can make cushions with their own fabric. Either way this is very customized service for people who are very specific with the look they are after.

The style of most of our cushions is also unique, as we have based our cushions on a French design that gives our cushions a decorative look without paying for the extra trim. We are not at all 100% attached to this design, as we do like to encourage customers to have what they want. If you are after a traditional square cushion, then that is what we will make. The size of our cushions is also important, as we mostly produce larger cushions for the larger couches people buy these days. If you were purchasing a 50cm cushion with a flange, it is important to note that this cushion will visually

finish at around 44 to 45cms, and the same for the cushions without a flange. This will be the same for the tube cushions, finishing at 25x52cms and the European cushion finishing at 56 to 58 cms.We like all of our cushions to hold their shape and appearance for the life of the cushion.