About Us               Australian Made Cushions

Into Cushions is a Melbourne based company that specialises in the design and production of quality cushions.


This family business has been established since 1980 and continues to grow with a strong family commitment. Over the years we have attended many craft markets within Victoria, and this continues to build our customer base. We also use quality fabrics to make our cushions and we believe we sell them at a very reasonable price.


We offer our customers a range of modern and traditional patterns, textures and colours and we enjoy helping them with our mix and match approach.


Most of the cushions are made from a range of Australian, European and Turkish fabrics.


All of our cushions are unique in style with many being made in the traditional square style and others with a French design, using a flanged edge. This flanged edge adds decorative impact without the need for extra trim and allows the cushion to retain its shape.


Our cushions are made in square and rectangular shapes. The most popular being the 50cm square and the 60 x 30cm rectangular and in recent months we have been selling and making many European sized cushions 65x 65cms.


We also make chair pads that are made to fit colonial style kitchen chairs. Over the years we have concentrated on one size, but in recent times we have made cushions to fit any sized chair. These can be made from our large range of fabrics that are marked with a plus sign, or the fabric of your choice.


We also make ironing board covers that we have been selling for more than 30 years. Our ironing board covers have proven to be very popular, due to the suede fabric we use and the style of the cover. The suede fabric has many functional uses and will make your cover last longer. The fabric will adhere to your ironing board, it will hold in the heat and will help protect the cotton fabric on the top. They are great value and there are many colours to choose from and 4 different sizes.


We also have a high density foam that is cut at 8mms thick and fits all the boards. Over the years we have made 4 sizes, large 138x46cms, average 122x41cms, a table top and a cover to fit a steam press board.


We have a small range of European style bed pillows. These are all in plain colours with a pillow insert and a satin blend cover. The covers come in three colours, black, taupe or cream.